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This site started off as a way to examine the merits of wikispaces.
It turns out that wikispaces, with some customization, is pretty handy for capturing notes. So, over the last year it's turned into an accumulation of notes on wikispaces, along with notes on assorted other subjects.

Disclaimer :-)

For the most part, the articles here are not intended to be fully ready-for-prime-time. A few are more-completely developed than others. Some are my end of a conversation about something with others elsewhere on the web. Many are, quite literally, notes taken while investigating some topic, or attempting some procedure. Think "lab notebook". Some even stop in mid-procedure, because I stopped in the middle, started reading about some other topic, and haven't got back to the original topic. (Yet.)
Taking notes online is quite a convenience, and I've set access to public because I'm often helped by googling up similar notes which others have published, and, who knows, something I wrote might be the missing link someone else is looking for. It's also not uncommon for someone to stumble on my notes and post a few additional clues for me too!

What's here

Please see the Site Contents in left sidebar for subsidiary pages. Click the triangle thingy1 to open the topics.


I've also done some other interesting things, such as authored some books about programmable diagramming, and worked in neuroscience research. But this site is not particularly to advance any of that. With luck, it might eventually lead me to implementing the web engagement platform I want. Then I'll be all set to deliver the high quality UX that internet users expect. Oh, and rich too. Possibly immersive.


Despite Wikispaces periodically introducing some pop-up message about membership, you're not missing anything as a "guest". There are no membership benefits.

-- Graham Wideman

1. Spindown disclosure interaction affordance