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This is a page on which to accumulate a list of things that are inordinately difficult to accomplish with wikispaces, either because of wikispaces per se, or in general with this type of platform.

Management of images

  • All images are stored together in one collection.
  • Partial remedy: Use very strict naming scheme, probably a scheme that associates images with the page on which they were first used.

Link checking

  • No link checking function built-in to wikispaces
  • Link-checker programs (like xenu) get confused by wikispaces links, which the wikispaces server turns into redirects whose URLs custom serial numbers, adding infinitely many pages to check.
  • There may well be a risk that a link checker would hit a link that does things like launch the editor, or deletes a page, etc.

Wikispaces content data format

Wikispaces' wysiwyg editor (tinymce) is surprisingly good compared to peer offerings, including Wordpress. Additionally, wikispaces provides access to CSS, and also to a site theme file. Wikispaces also allows javascript to be inserted in, or called from, a page. However, the native storage as wikitext adds some severe constraints.

  • Cannot add classes to elements
  • Some simple formatting and styles are not permitted, such as fill color for table cells, and blockquote
  • Html output by server outputs body text with no tags wrapped around it, not even p tags. Instead, br tags are supplie between paragraphs. This makes it impossible to apply CSS to paragraphs, so, for example, makes it impossible to control paragraph spacing, first-line indent and so on.

Editor clunkiness

Though the wysiwyg editor works competently (which is saying a lot), it has some feature areas that are painful to use due to the number of clicks required to use the function. Worst culprits:
  • The table editor, for adding or deleting rows, cols and similar functions.
    • Only operates one row at a time
    • Requires way too many clicks
  • Superscript and subscript! Should be single button click (or keystroke), but instead requires 4 clicks, including a selection from a drop-down list... (same with alignment).
  • Switching to Wikitext editor mode.
  • No search-and-replace

Security model is inadequate

I started covering this in separate pages.