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At SandCamp 2012, I attended a very informative session by Jen Lampton, on the subject of WYSIWYG editors for Drupal. She described that she'd dedicated some time to tracking down and testing solutions to a number of WYSIWYG problem areas. This is exactly the kind of info that is useful far beyond simply knowing that X, Y or Z module is available and purports do something-or-other.
I got her to comment on a few additional issues of interest to me, here:
Jen Lampton's talk; thoughts on editor-related features
  • Autosave
  • Preference for TinyMCE
  • Image enlargement and resize

Jen's previous comments

I thought I'd track down what else Jen has written on WYSIWYG. As this is a topic with particular sticking points which might come unstuck at any minute, or not, I'm most interested in what Jen has written in the last year, especially relating to Drupal 7 and the WYSIWYG module, and compatible image management modules, and also workflow.

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