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Miscellaneous notes on Microsoft Access


Reasons why SELECT queries might not be updateable.

Additional reasons:

  • Query property Recordset Type not set to "Dynaset (Inconsistent Updates)". This permits otherwise impermissible updates in one-to-many queries with multiple detail tables. Up to Access 2003, apparently Inconsistent Updates was the default. So lots of queries that used to work no longer do unless this setting is changed.


See: Notes on Access Forms


Multiple table/query windows

This is a per-database setting. Options > Current Database > Application Options > Document Window Options > Overlapping Windows.

Setting default font for Datasheet views

Access 2010: In File > Options > Datasheet > Default font, there is no setting for actually the default font. This is so utterly stupid that it's got to be a bug.
Anyhow, the workaround is, registry setting:
  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\14.0\Access\Settings
  • New string value: Default Font Name = [whatever font name, like Courier New]
  • Restart Access
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