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Notes on the Leetro MPC 6515 laser cutter controller, used in laser cutters sold by Hurricane and a number of other brands.

Website and Documents

Use in other laser cutter brands

  • Rabbit laser cutters
    • Rabbit RL-80-1290 80W laserthat looks almost identical to the Hurricane 80W
      • Scroll down to see info and picture of "industry leading" Leetro 6515 controller
    • Parts, including Leetro controller
      • USB Motion Controller System The motion controller system consists of the Leetro motion Controller, Operator Pad, Interconnect Cable, Software, and Authorization Dongle.
        • USB Motion Control System ... $950
        • Leetro Operator PAD-03 ... $225
        • Leetro Controller 6515 ... $575
        • Interlock cable for PAD-03 to Motion Controller ... $65
        • Software Dongle for LaserCut Software ... $275
  • Full Spectrum Engineering 60W/80W appears to be almost the same machine (circa 2010) using MPC6515 with LaserCut 5.3 software.
    • New Full Spectrum Laser product line ( seems to have moved on to using their own controller and software.


The features implemented by Leetro MPC6515 are of particular interest in situations where there's a need to replace the Leetro with an alternative, such as a LaOS board.

USB Interface and message format

The MPC6515 control board inside the laser cutter is connected to a PC via USB. The computer (using LaserCut software) can send the laser some immediate commands, such as move the head, and fire the laser. To communicate a cutting/engraving job to the laser cutter, LaserCut supplies the data in one or more files, either over USB, or on an SD card. These files are prepared by the LaserCut software.
So, the USB communication messages may be assumed to contain some limited vocabulary for the immediate commands (perhaps "USB as serial com"), and enough vocabulary to deposit files on the machine (probably USB used in "memory stick" mode). We note that LaserCut comes with EZUSB, the driver kit from Cypress, and indeed there are Cypress chips on the MPC 6515.
However, the main intelligence for driving the plotter is not the USB commands per se, but the files that provide instructions for the cutting/engraving job.
This topic is examined in more detail in my LaserCut software pages.

USB device info

Windows records the following info for the Leetro controller:
Device Name
LT Slave USB(68013A) Driver
Device Type
Vendor Specific
Safe To Unplug
Drive Letter

Serial Number

Created Date
7/2/2012 12:05:57 PM
Last Plug/Unplug Date
7/2/2012 17:58
Firmware Revision
USB Class
USB SubClass
USB Protocol
Hub / Port
Hub 3, Port 3
Computer Name

Vendor Name

Product Name

ParentId Prefix

Service Name
Service Description
Leetro Slave USB(68013A) Driver
Driver Filename
Device Class
Device Mfg
Chengdu Leetro Automation Co., Ltd.
100 mA
USB Version
Driver Description
LT Slave USB(68013A) Driver
Driver Version
Instance ID
Vendor 0548 is Tyan Computer Corp, and product 1005 is EZ Cart II GameBoy Flash Programmer. So far as I can tell, this seems unrelated to Leetro, so maybe they just borrowed the Vendor and Product Ids. At any rate, the salient part is that the driver is Cypress EZUSB.sys, and the interface chip on the MPC 6515 is a 68013A.

ReLaserSoftware USB notes

Leetro MPC 6515 I/O and usage in Hurricane

From the MPC6515 hardware manual. The pattern appears to be: "X" connectors are power and signal inputs, while the "Y" connectors are signal and possibly power outputs. There are additional notes in the manual regarding enabling different signal options via jumpers.

Hurricane wiring


Other notes:

  • "Uncapping protection" = Cover interlock switch
  • Laser Power: Additional notes in the manual regarding laser control I think say that Y2-3 ("Laser Power") is a PWM output. Only one of Y2-2 and Y2-3 would be connected, with JP2 set correspondingly (though the description is not clear exactly what is intended).
  • For some inputs and outputs, there are jumper alternatives for 5V vs 24V inputs or outputs
  • The Y1, 3, 4, 5 (Blower and memory I/O indicator, X, Y, Z outputs) are connected to two socketed (replaceable) DIP ICs in the top right corner of this picture. One is marked ULN2803 (Octal high voltage, high current darlington driver) and the other is sanded but the faint printing looks similar. The external wiring, carrying Step and Direction signals, includes only a +5V supply wire (no ground), suggesting that the MPC6515 expects that the inputs on the motor drivers are opto-isolators.
  • See the MPC 6535 manual (link above) for schematics of typical I/O, which sketches:
    • Outputs: Darlington pull-downs to ground (corresponds to preceding comment regarding ULN2803 outputs)
    • Opto-isolator inputs
  • The 6535 docs show options for laser PWM signal being active low vs active high. The 6515 appears to offer only a single-ended signal, and the doc doesn't indicate which is expected. But it does cryptically show an STD01 accessory module whose purpose appears to be to convert eight single-ended signals to differential, but then shows only a single wire connected to the PWM input of a laser (and at that, the uninverted one!). Not sure what the point was, but it might be to accommodate a laser tube which expects a signal of polarity opposite to what the 6515 provides.