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Notes on installing Git, Git-related tools, pointers to docs and tutorials, and who knows what else.

Git clients for Windows

SSH on Windows

Git for Windows, initial config

  • Apparently used to be msysgit.
  • Installs "Git Bash", a bash shell console configured for use with Git.


  • Shift-Z Z.

First time setup; Git config file

Git Bash PATH

Git bash starts with PATH set to existing user's Windows PATH, with a few additional unixy entries prepended that are mapped to not-obvious actual directories:
in Git bash
Actual path
Didn't exist on install. Not sure why it's in the PATH.
C:\Program Files (x86)\Git

Doesn't exist
C:\Program Files (x86)\Git\local?
Doesn't exist
This is a puzzle. So what's the point of adding it to the path?
Doesn't exist
Also a puzzle.
C:\Program Files (x86)\Git\bin
Path to all git and mingw (I assume) executables.

My editor setting

In C:\Users\[user]\bin add file, containing:
"C:/Program Files/JustGreatSoftware/EditPadPro7/EditPadPro7.exe"  //newinstance "$*"
Then in C:\Users\[me]\.gitconfig:
    editor =
... which reaches since the latter is on the PATH.

Explanatory Videos and Tutorials

MsysGit notes


GitHub for Windows notes

Once installed, I could find no evident way to proceed to clone a repo from github. There's supposed to be a "Clone in Windows" button somewhere, but I couldn't find it, and there's no menu (due to the Metro look), so WTF?
Looked at:
OK, it appears that the "Clone in Windows" button is not a feature of the GitHub for Windows app. Instead, this refers to a button that appears on repo web pages, and it's actually called "Clone in Desktop". The button automatically calls GitHub for Windows app with instructions to clone the repo from that page. GitHub for Windows will start performing the clone, so it's necessary to already have the local repos directory setting pointing to the desired location.

Other version control systems notes