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This page is for notes gathered while creating a test local install of Drupal. Main intent is to test most of the issues discussed on this page: Drupal evaluation issues.
I'll be following the steps laid out in Tom Geller's Drupal 7 Essential Training.
The basic idea is to install Acquia's "DAMP" stack, but then replace Acquia's Drupal with standard distribution Drupal from

Steps and Notes

Initial installation

2011-11-15: Following Geller's instructions:

Geller Step 1: Download and install the Acquia Drupal Stack installer

...also known as DAMP.
  • Choice of Acquia Drupal or Dev Desktop: Not clear the distinction
    • Acquia Drupal: "7.8.7 Full install zip"
    • Dev Desktop: 7.4.4: acquia-drupal-win-7.4.4-5598.29386.exe Ie: this is an actual installer. I downloaded this one.
  • Installation params:
    • Apache/MySQL/PHP install location: D:\wwwtest_stack\acquia-drupal, results in:
      • D:\wwwtest_stack\acquia-drupal\apache
      • D:\wwwtest_stack\acquia-drupal\mysql
      • D:\wwwtest_stack\acquia-drupal\php
      • So, in future, leave out the "acquia-drupal" part
    • Site(s?) location: D:\wwwtest\sites\acquia-drupal, results in home page at:
      • D:\wwwtest\sites\acquia-drupal\index.php
      • Web root at D:\wwwtest\sites\acquia-drupal. Probably one too many layers.
    • Ports:
      • Apache 8082
      • MySQL: 33066
    • Site name: Drupal Test 01
    • User: graham
    • Pwd: grahampwd
    • Email: mine
  • Adds Acquia Dev Desktop to Start > Programs menu
  • Stack versions:
    • Apache: 2.2.17
    • PHP: 5.2.17
    • MySQL: 5.1.54-community
  • Messages from phpMyAdmin:
    • The additional features for working with linked tables have been deactivated. To find out why click here.
    • Your PHP MySQL library version 5.0.51a differs from your MySQL server version 5.1.54. This may cause unpredictable behavior.
  • Note:Above leaves Apache's httpd.conf with certain settings to be aware of that don't get overriden by the later supposed "replacement" of drupal core:
    • DocumentRoot "D:\wwwtest\sites\acquia-drupal"
    • <VirtualHost *>
      ServerName localhost
      DocumentRoot "D:\wwwtest\sites\acquia-drupal"

Geller Step 2: Download and import core Drupal

-- that's the Drupal you get from that DAMP.
    • Downloaded
      • Rename top extracted folder drupal-7.9 to site-specific name, drupal01 in our case
        • PROBLEM: need to first copy the drupal-7.9 folder to its final intended location, then rename. See note on this below.
  • Acquia Drupal Control Panel:
    • Settings > Sites tab > Import button
      • Site path: D:\wwwtest_installers\\drupal01
        • WRONG: first make new site dir in final location, and copy the unzipped folder's contents to it.
          • Eg: D:\wwwtest\sites\drupal01
        • Subsite: default
      • Create new database,
        • name: drupal01
      • Server: drupal01 (This matches video, but not sure this is correct, as how will this get resolved to local host?
        • (Import site will modify the Windows hosts file)
        • Subdomain: none
        • URL path: none
      • Hit Import
        • Error: hosts file doesn't exist or is not writeable: C:\WIndows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts
          • (I noticed on my Windows 7 system, System32 dir has initial cap.)
          • hosts file did not exist. So, copied example hosts file from GW-P4
      • Repeated import process (had to fill in all same info). Importing process proceeds.
    • ARRRGG: The "Import" process doesn't actually "import" (move) any files into the www (in our case wwwtest) directory.Instead, it simply fixes up Apache's config files to point to the just-unzipped-and-renamed drupal01 folder right where it is!
      • So the procedure should be to move the renamed drupal01 folder tree under wwwtest before running Acquia's site import.
  • Recovering from stupid import:
    • Stop Acquia server stack
    • Reverted name of unzipped drupal core folder to drupal-7.9
    • COPY drupal-7.9 under wwwtest/sites, rename to drupal01
    • Edit apache/conf/vhosts.conf
      • For VirtualHost *, change
        • DocumentRoot "D:\wwwtest\sites\drupal01"
        • <Directory "D:\wwwtest\sites\drupal01">
    • (No change to httpd.conf)
    • Based on quick test of site, this appears to have succeeded
    • BUT also need to fix up Acquia Dev Desktop's config info also:
      • D:\wwwtest_stack\acquia-drupal\AcquiaDevDesktopControlPanel\dynamic.ini

Geller Step 3: Run Drupal's browser-based installer.

  • Choose Profile: Standard install ... Save and Continue
  • Choose Language: English... Save and Continue
  • Verify requirements
  • Set up database
  • Install profile
    • Site information
      • Site name: human friendly
      • Site email address: gwa
    • Site maintenance account
      • User: admin
      • email: gwa
      • Pwd: adminpwd
    • Server settings
      • Default country: US
      • Default time zone: Los Angeles
    • Update notifications
      • Leave checked: Check updates auto; Receive emails
  • Completed OK, can browse to new site.