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Catch-all page for issues relating to adoption of Drupal as a collaboration platform.

Top issues

Issues to assess
  • Flexible document types
    • Structured collection of pages (like Drupal "book")
    • Interlinked docs, (like wiki)
    • Timely articles (like blog)
    • Others having specific required fields
  • WYSIWYG editing in browserthat's sufficiently powerful and stable
    • Probably implies internal doc format should be html rather than a wiki markup language
    • If based on browsers' built-in editor, then the question becomes..
      • Are leading editor-wrapper components powerful/stable enough?
        • CKEditor
        • TinyMCE
      • Does the server support the required editor features
      • If based on additional component (eg: XStandard) then
        • is this powerful enough and supported by server?
    • Capabilities
      • Table features!
      • Customizable styles/CSS
      • Decent interface for inserting images and possibly other media.
        • Uploading the images
        • Selecting the images for insertion into the document
        • Control of image styles etc
      • UI for insertion of links
        • Including picking links to peer pages
      • Autosave, or at least save-and-continue?
  • Document navigation
    • Easy to manage
    • Implements collapsible/expandable navigation tree
      • And Next/Previous
      • Possibly can implement in Javascript if server provides the data
        • Maybe via Views?
  • User management
    • Obviously will implement roles covering different levels of trust and responsibility ("vertical")
    • Must be able to implement "horizontal" grouping of users vs content. "Groups" or "Projects". (Looks like Organic Groups might be the feature set for that, at least as implemented in Drupal 7.)
  • Administration and Maintenance
    • Is it tractable?
    • Is sufficient performance attainable at feasible cost?

Test and development platform

  • Linux or Windows
  • Issues
    • Installing XDebug PHP debugging:
      • Seems considerably easier on WAMP than LAMP. On WAMP, XDebug is a separate DLL, while on LAMP, XDebug seems to require recompiling PHP. Even if recompiling is tractable, what about subsequent updates?

Apparatus and UI for managing images and other files

Might Hosted Drupal do what I want?

  • Drupal Gardens
    • But no groups feature is available. Organic Groups promised in mid-2010, but still no word on whether it's even being worked on.
    • Has Organic Groups,
    • But Buzzr is based on Drupal 6.