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Some notes on surface formats accepted as input to 3D printing process.

Some terms

CPV: Color-per-vertex
UV texture map: Maps a 2D image containing color/texture onto 2D surface (in 3D space). U and V correspond to two spatial dimensions of the texture map image, which are mapped in some way onto the surface.







Head and Face Color 3D Scanner Samples


Note from Thingify

Regarding input to ZCorp, which requires color value associated with each tile:
VRML, OBJ, or PLY files that have a UV mapped texture works well with ZCorp machines. STL does not retain color information so it is not as useful for full color 3D prints. We normally work with full color meshes with 2 to 10 million triangles using those formats, so I don't expect to have problems in our workflow related to triangle count. So long as the color is individually mapped to each triangle we can work with it. If you are able to make a watertight mesh that helps us out.
My notes: Seems like OBJ customarily uses UV map, while PLY uses CPV, which would be easier to generate for Freesurfer surfaces.