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Yet another list of Visio problems.

Problems list

Visio versions
Grouped Freeform: deleting GA handle cause hang
NURBS shape, convert to group, delete a GA (Greville Abscissa) handle. Immediate hang, 100% repro

2010, 2003
Remove-from-group deletes the group shape
It's sensible for the remove-a-shape--from-group UI function to delete the group shape if, following removal of the contained shape, there is no useful data left in the group shape. However, if the group shape contains, for example, geometry, it should not be deleted.

Grouped Freeform with child shape: edits cause incorrect replacement of Width formula, then shape is broken
Starting with a NURBS shape that is also a group, and has child shapes. Moving the GA (Greville Abscissa) handles around can cause Visio to replace the default Width formula (Pythagoras on the endpoints) with a fixed value, and causes other subsidiary changes in the frame-of-reference cells. At that point the Geometry1 curve no longer stretches from Begin point to End point, and the shape is essentially useless.
Tentatively, a fix appears to be to Guard Pythagoras formula in the Width cell.
Also, dynamic connector, curved version seems a not-bad substitute for some applications.
Freeform: No way to add "normal" GA handles.
Although it is possible to add handles to the NURBS (Freeform) shape, these are not the same kind of handles as the ones that appear when the shape is first drawn. Technically, this is because rather than computing a single new NURBS function, Visio breaks the existing NURBS function into two pieces (where the insert request occurred) and the result is that the newly inserted handle is not a smooth one, but rather one with two tangent controls on it. This is essentially useless.
This is documented in Visio 2003 Survival Pack, p 114.
Freeform: No way to unbunch the NURBS knots, results in asymmetry
The UI for Freeform has no way to position or space the NURBS knots, which means that editing causes the underlying data to get into a more and more unusable state. This is aggravated by the inability to just delete and then add NURBS GA handles.

Editing the Quick Access Tollbar overwrites previously imported ribbon customization
I exported the ribbon, changed autoscale to false, and then imported, so I could prevent button on the ribbon expanding to gigantic size. That worked as intended. However I subsequently added some buttons to the (seemingly unrelated) Quick Access Toolbar, and after that the autoscale setting had reverted to enabled.