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This page presents some notes on the electronics in the Hurricane 80W laser cutter.


The main electronics is around the back.

The electronic modules

Left to right:
  • Leetro laser cutter controller.
  • X, Y, Z drivers
  • Power supply
  • Laser power supply and driver?


The controller is a Leetro model MPC 6515, which is used in quite a few laser cutters from China, and is also sold by itself. (See my Leetro controller page for more details.)

Front panel

The front panel is a Leetro PAD03.

Further notes assembled by Jan:

We opened up the "Charlie" 900x600mm lasercutter today. Here's what we learned from a quick peek:
  • Connection to computer via USB cable, or can use memory stick for standalone operation
  • Controller board: Leetro MPC6515 V2.0, firmware (sticker on Texas Instruments DSP chip): V4.1.2.3 - see photo
    • The hardware manual for this board was included in the lasercutter manuals folder [See my Leetro page for docs links]
  • Motor drivers:
    • Z axis: MA860H board, manufactured by is LeadShine, the same brand Peter uses in his setup!)
    • X and Y axes: driver boards look very similar to Z but smaller heatsink and no fan
      • (likely because they're only moving the laser mirror arm as opposed to the table)
      • so probably LeadShine products too, but no obvious labels
  • Front user interface panel: PAD03 connected via serial (as described in MPC6515 documentation)