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Notes on JavaScript frameworks

A page for collecting notes on JavaScript frameworks.
First, I note that there's a distinction to be drawn between at least three different ways that the term "framework" is used in the context of JavaScript.
  • Library of functions which provides a browser-independent way to manipulate the DOM, handle events, perform AJAX transactions, etc. Example: jQuery
  • Controls collection: Collection of javascript-controlled "components" or "controls", such as calendar widgets, data grids, graphs and so on. These may share some common underlying functionality, but do not supply or impose an overall "application architecture". May or may not be based on some independently established browser independent library of more fundamental browser independence functions. Example: Dojo (at least, as I understood it some time ago.),
  • Application framework: A library which provides a skeleton for a complete application, typically including some sort of JavaScript Model-View-Controller structure for the client, and some apparatus on the server end for the client to talk to in a disciplined way. The server-side apparatus is likely to be for a particular server-side language, such as PHP, Ruby, Java or Python.
    • Since the idea of an "application" running on the client only makes sense if it runs on the client for some extended time, this category is entwined with the idea of "Single-page JavaScript application".
On this page I'm primarily interested in discovering the projects/products in the Application framework category. However, since the categories are somewhat blurry (not to mention the terminology), I'll probably end up listing a whole lot more items just to be able to record how they don't fit in (or are of interest for something else).
So, for now, just a list of links to check out later...

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