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Videos from Blue-shirt English Guy
  1. Keynesian consumption function
  2. Keynesian consumption diagram
  3. Demonstrate the multiplier in the simple Keynesian model through a change in invesment spending
  4. (???)
  5. How to draw a demand curve
  6. Use the AD-AS model to explain cost push and demand pull inflation

  7. Functions of money or What is money
  8. What is a demand deposit? Demand deposits are money

  9. Wealth, money and financial assets
  10. How banks create money
  11. Credit multiplier. What determines the amount of credit banks can create?
  12. Supply of money
  13. Monetary policy in South Africa
  14. How interest rates are determined in South Africa. The repo rate and interest rates (duplicate?)
  15. Transmission mechanism of monetary policy. How monetary policy affects the real economy
  16. Demand for money: Active and passive balances

  17. International trade: Introduction
  18. International trade: Why we can't pay for imports with Rands
  19. International trade: Earning foreign currency
  20. International trade: Balance of payments
  21. International trade: Balance of payments
  22. International trade: Absolute and comparative advantage. Trade theories: Why we trade
  23. International trade: Economic impact of Import tariffs
  24. International trade: Nice South Africa. Just a nice intro
  25. International trade: Introduction to trade policies

  26. Exchange rate 1: The demand curve for dollars
  27. Exchange rate 02: The supply of dollars to the South African economy
  28. Exchange rate 03: How the rand dollar exchange rate is determined
  29. Exchange rate 04: Impact of a change in the Rand/dollar exchange rate on imports and exports

  30. Economic problem: Introduction
  31. Economic problem: Scarce resources
  32. How to complete a mark reading sheet

  33. Public sector: Introduction. Different levels of govenrment
  34. Public sector: Hero or villain. Size of government in the economy
  35. Public sector: Role of government. Allocate, regulate, distribute and stabilise
  36. Public sector: Market failures. Why goverments intervene in the economy
  37. Public sector: Public goods. What is a public good
  38. Public sector: Merit and demerit goods
  39. Public sector: Externalities. Positive and negative externalities
  40. Public sector: Imperfect competition
  41. Public sector: Distribution and redistribution of income
  42. Public sector: Economic stability. Business cycle

  43. Cost of production: Economic cost of being self employed. The example illustrates the difference between accounting cost of production and economic cost of prodcution of being self employed. Also the difference between explicit and...