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Notes on setting up Drush on Windows 7 64



Install msysgit

  • Downloaded:Git-1.7.8-preview20111206.exe
  • Installation choices
    • Add Git to path so can run from Windows command line (and Bash)
    • Do not change line endings
  • Install completes.
    • Hmmm, I need some validation tests.
    • OK, maybe we can go ahead with drush installation without getting msysgit running, and fix that later?

Install drush

  • From:
    • obtained: Drush-5.x-dev-2011-12-07-Installer-v1.0.9.msi
    • and Drush Installation Guide.pdf
  • Ran installer msi
    • Custom Setup: select features. I chose the defaults.
      • Drush Required Runtime -- ON
      • GnuWin32 -- ON
      • Php Required Runtime -- ON. Hmmm, but is this going to collide with already-installed Php?
        • Presumably "collision" would be if drush installer messes with PATH, pre-empting existing path to PHP
        • Maybe we should tell Drush not to install php? But Drush is always installed on a system that has php, and if this is the default for Drush maybe this second install of php is OK? Guide notes:
          • There are pretty good chances that PHP runtime is already installed on user’s machine if you have used Web Platform Installer to install Drupal. However there is no a safe way to detect if PHP runtime is already installed. If PHP runtime is already installed on user machine and its full path can be resolved, you do not need to install this feature. Also make sure that a recent version of the PHP runtime is being used. A minimum version of 5.2 is required. Run php.exe -v see PHP runtime version.
            • OK, but php installed by Acquia lacks actual command line capability (though it can run a script). Not clear if that would work.
    • BUT there is a separate "Register Environment Variables" setting, defaults to off.
    • cwRync -- OFF
    • Register Environment Variables -- OFF
    • Config Windows Remote Mgt -- OFF
  • Ran installer the rest of the way without incident
  • Problems:
    • DrushEnv.bat (which launches drush-friendly command window) adds drush-specific path items to end of PATH. But that fails to invoke drush's php, since already-installed php is earlier in the PATH. Will this be fatal or just confusing?