Drupal test install 2

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Documentation for Acquia Drupal Dev Desktop install of 2012-01-28. This is mostly a repeat of earlier procedure: Drupal test installation. The main motivation for this new installation is the hope that it includes newer version PHP (5.3), which would allow use of newer version XDebug (newly released 2.1.3-5.3).
Structure of this page follows that of the previous page, more or less. I'll be following the steps laid out in Tom Geller's Drupal 7 Essential Training.
The basic idea is to install Acquia's "DAMP" stack, but then replace Acquia's Drupal with standard distribution Drupal from drupal.org.


  • Copy aside existing platform stacks: D:\wwwtest_stack\acquia-drupal --> D:\wwwtest_stack\wwwtest_stack_20111115.
    • This will preserve any ini or other config changes for when I need to apply them to the new installation.
  • Uninstall Acquia Dev Desktop

Steps and Notes

Initial installation

2012-01-28: Following Geller's instructions:

Geller Step 1: Download and install the Acquia Drupal Stack installer

...also known as DAMP.
  • http://www.acquia.com/downloads
  • Dev Desktop: 7.9.9: acquia-drupal-win-7.9.9-5716.36896.exe
  • Installation params:
    • Apache/MySQL/PHP install location: D:\wwwtest_stack results in:
      • D:\wwwtest_stack\apache
      • D:\wwwtest_stack\mysql
      • D:\wwwtest_stack\php
    • Site(s?) location: D:\wwwtest2\acquia-drupal, results in home page at:
      • D:\wwwtest2\acquia-drupal\index.php
      • Web root at D:\wwwtest2\acquia-drupal.
    • Ports:
      • Apache 8082
      • MySQL: 33066
    • Site name: Drupal Test 01
    • User: graham
    • Pwd: grahampwd
    • Email: mine
  • Adds Acquia Dev Desktop to Start > Programs menu
  • Stack versions:
    • Apache: 2.2.21
    • PHP: 5.2.17 GRRRRRR!!! Ah --- but the Acquia Dev Desktop Control Panel allows switching to PHP 5.3.8. So let's try that:
      • Control Panel > Config tab > PHP 5.3.8 radio button
      • PHP: Select D:\wwwtest_stack\php5_3\php.ini
      • Stop, restart stack
      • phpinfo: Drupal test install 2 phpinfo
        • Version 5.3.8 -- YAY!
      • mysql client api: mysqlnd 5.0.8-dev - 20102224 (was 5.0.51a. I think this might be different numbering series.)
        • mysqlnd seems to be something new = "native driver".
    • MySQL: 5.1.59-community
  • phpMyAdmin:
    • Acquia Control Panel > Manage my database. (Goes to /phpmyadmin/)
  • Acquia Dev Desktop Control Panelsettings:
    • What exactly is it setting behind the scenes... this becomes important when using the Import function, below

Geller Step 2: "Import" another site

  • Already had an existing test site from previous install.
    • Don't really need its data, just the directory tree.
    • Copy D:\wwwtest\sites\drupal01 to D:\wwwtest2\drupal01
  • Acquia Drupal Control Panel:
    • Ports
      • Apache: 8082: Setting in apache httpd.conf > Listen 8082
      • MySQL: 33066: Setting in mysql\my.cnf > [mysqladmin] > port=33066
    • Settings > Sites tab > Import button
      • Site path: D:\wwwtest2\drupal01
        • This is the target that OS...apache will route [Subdomain].[Server]/[URL path] to.
      • Subsite: default
      • Create new database,
        • name: drupal01
      • Server: drupal01 [AqDevDT: setting in hosts file]
      • Subdomain: none [AqDevDT: apache httpd.conf > VirtualHost setting]
      • URL path: none [AqDevDT: apache httpd.conf > VirtualHost setting]
      • Hit Import (hosts file must exist)
      • Launches http://drupal01:8082/install.php in browser
  • Acquia Dev Desktop Import converts existing drupal single site to multisite
    • I need to document exactly what the difference is in structure and settings between single and multi
    • Then undo this *&^%$ conversion

Geller Step 3: Run Drupal's browser-based installer.

  • Choose Profile: Standard install ... Save and Continue
  • Choose Language: English... Save and Continue
  • Verify requirements
  • Set up database
  • Install profile
    • Site information
      • Site name: human friendly
      • Site email address: gwa
    • Site maintenance account
      • User: admin
      • email: gwa
      • Pwd: adminpwd
    • Server settings
      • Default country: US
      • Default time zone: Los Angeles
    • Update notifications
      • Leave checked: Check updates auto; Receive emails
  • Completed OK, can browse to new site.