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Notes on installation and testing of Drupal WYSIWYG module, and CKEditor.


Following instructions here:


Enable and Configure

  • Modules
    • User Interface
      • Wysiwyg: Check the Enabled box
    • Wysiwyg Configure link...
  • Configuration > Content Authoring
    • Open up links to CKEditor and Download in separate tabs
    • Download ckeditor.
      • Unzip
      • Move to location specified in above page's instructions
        • D:\wwwtest\sites\drupal01\sites\all\libraries\ckeditor
      • Reload page Configuration > Content Authoring
    • Settings for Input Format vs what editor to use appear
      • Select CKEditor for one or more Input formats
      • Reload page Configuration > Content Authoring
    • Links appear under Operations column to Edit the editor setup for each input format
    • Configuration > Content authoring > Wysiwyg profiles > List
      • Basic Setup
      • Buttons and Plugins: This one is essential, as otherwise the editor does very little.
        • I enabled all html items and other functions I wanted to test
      • Editor Appearance
      • Cleanup and Output
      • CSS

Editor tests

  • Lots of things worked very smoothly!
  • Tables
    • Lots of functionality, including
      • Context menus (right-click)
      • Multi-select cells to apply formatting to many cells at once
      • Cell background color.
      • Table in a cell!
    • Poor CSS in the editor, and quite different from CSS on the page.
  • Full-screen worked well, except then it's laborious to save.
  • Image placing etc good, but still need to install some image upload and management scheme.
  • Editor needs "Save and continue" button
  • HTML source formatting works OK, except it uses tabs. (Or maybe that's a good thing, but tab indentation amount in editor should be less.)