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Notes on steps needed to install Code Gear RAD Studio 2007 on Windows 7 64. (2011-11-21).


  • Stackoverflow
    • 2009-09-19 with comments to 2011-03-23 Delphi issues on windows 7 x64?
      • Problem with debugger on Win 7 64. Fixes mentioned:
        • Olaf Monien description
        • Lord Byte patch
        • Embarcadero hotfix (27521)
        • Claim that install somewhere other than in Program Files(x86) folder is good


  • Copy all "Borland" installers from old PC to new Win7-64 PC
    • Hmmm, for RAD Studio, looks like I have two installers, one from 2008-01-15, and one from 2008-09-07. Guess I should use the later one. Hopefully it's a complete install and not an upgrade. (Also revised Delphi 2007 help files, 2008-05-21, hopefully those are subsumed by the later RAD Studio installer.
  • Launch RAD Studio installer for 2008-09-07
    • During "Collecting data" phase, It downloaded about 350 Meg of MS .NET 2.0 Framework SDK!
    • At point of setting directories, I chose: C:\CodeGear\RADStudio\5.0 as the install location (and other dirs accordingly).
    • Install proceeded... and proceeded... and proceeded
      • Oh... that's because MS ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX Extensions installer pops up a window behind RAD Studio's window. Grrrr.
    • Install continued to proceed.
  • I downloaded the embarcadero patch:
    • Unzip to bordbk105N.dll
    • Made a copy of original bordbk105N.dll --> bordbk105N.dll_original
    • Put new bordbk105N.dll in place: C:\CodeGear\RADStudio\5.0\bin\
  • OK, that all seems to work fine
    • In Delphi 2007 I can create, build, run, and debug a simple Win32 forms application

Installing VirtualTreeview library

  • Download from
  • Run installer. Appears to work fine
  • Virtual Tree components appear on the component palette as expected.
  • Upon trying to build a project that references a VTV component, get:
    • missing ...\source\virtualtrees.dcu.
    • Sure enough, there's no such dcu anywhere. Evidently the installation failed to compile it
  • Hunting down bug reports:
    • by Colin WIlson says to:
    • 1. Delete any .dproj and .dproj.local files for VirtualTreesD10D that D 2007 has created.
    • 2. Edit VirtualTreesD10D.dpk (eg. with notepad), and remove the line that says:
      {$R '..\Design\VirtualTrees.dcr'}
    • 3. You should know be able to open the package in Delphi 2007 and compile/install it correctly.
    • It seems that, for some reason, if the .dpk file has a {$R component resource file} statement in it, the bds2006->delphi 2007 project converter incorrectly(?) adds the file to the 'Contains' clause. In this case it adds VirtualTrees.dcr to the contains clause, and because the runtime package also contains a VirtualTrees file (albeit a .pas one) you get the error popup warning about duplicate units - followed by a crash when it all gets its knickers in a knot."
    • Notes:
      • Probably those should be D11 rather than D10 references, though I think the dpk files are actually the same.
        • During package install, I noticed a message saying the package was being converted to D2007, whatever that means
      • The D11 file is for runtime, the D11D for design time.
    • Of the possible package installation methods, I just opened the dpk file using File > Open, then right clicked it in the Project Manager, and selected Install.
      • Initially I selected the D11 version, ut got a message that it wasn't a design-time package so couldn't be installed. So I repeated the process with the D11D.
    • Results, based on attempting to build and run an application project that uses the Virtual Treeview component:
      • The process had produced the necessary files.
      • Required setting the Project's Search path to the C:\CodeGear\libs\SoftGems\VirtualTreeview\Source directory, despite that being already set in the global Options Library path and Browsing path.
      • I noted that the BDSCOMMONDIR is set to C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\RAD Studio\5.0\ which seems like a messy place to put bpl and dcp files. Grrrr. I didn't change this, but wonder if I should.
      • OK, I'm tentatively declaring victory